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I hear the word “Nordecke” thrown around a lot. What does it mean?

The Nordecke is the name for both the Supporter’s Group (made of fans and volunteers who support a variety of activities and operations) and the stadium section behind the north goal (the loud one with flags, smoke, and chants). Anyone is welcome to join the Supporter’s Group, regardless of where they sit in the stadium, and – conversely – a person may have tickets in the Nordecke section but not be a Nordecke Supporter’s Group member.

Member dues help financially support the Tifo displays, pre-game tailgate, and charity initiatives. You also get cool gear every year and invitations to exclusive events! If you stand/sit in the Nordecke section, join the fun! The Capos lead chants and cheers throughout the game, and hold up cue cards to help fans follow along.

I want to be part of the action! How do I get involved?

Fill out the Volunteer form! You can select multiple activities/committees you’d like to help with. You can also watch our social media accounts for larger calls for volunteers, but a lot is organized within the committees

Who’s in charge of the supporter’s group anyway?

We have an elected Board of Directors! All dues-paying members have the opportunity to run, nominate someone, and participate in the Board election each year.

I’m a new Crew fan. Can I still get involved?

Of course! The Nordecke group membership is made up of fans of all ages, some of whom have been fans since 1996, and some who have only been to a few games. If you’re a new fan, this is a great way to meet people who love the Crew!

The chants seem hard/confusing. How do I learn them?

The lyrics are available here! Also, you can join/follow Project Jukebox. During the season, they have regular practices to allow the drummers, capos, and fans to work through new chants together.

The Nordecke section is General Admission, how does that work? Do I just show up, find a spot to stand in the Nordecke and enjoy myself?

Yes, that’s exactly what you do. There will be a section & seat number on your ticket but you can find a spot anywhere, since the entire Nordecke end of Lower.com Field is GA. The lower portion of the Nordecke is safe-standing (meaning there is no place to sit) and the top area, near the west edge, has the benches deployed for seating. If you want to sit, go up!

How does parking work?

There are numerous parking garages and surface lots within a 30-minute walk of Lower.com Field. The best practice is to make a parking reservation ahead of time on arenadistrict.parkmobile.io.

What if I do not want to drive to the match?

Columbus has many great options available for supporters who would like to utilize alternative modes of transportation.

CoGo Bike Share – There is a station at Neiland and Nationwide, just steps from the stadium (for 2023, Crew supporters receive a free annual membership)
Pedal Instead Bike Valet – Securely park your bike with Pedal Instead on game days. The valet is located by the pedestrian bridge at Neiland and Nationwide.
Scooters – Utilize any of the scooters around town to get to the game without paying to park your vehicle.
Ride Share – Rideshare pickup and drop off is located at Hanover St, between Nationwide and Spring
COTA – There are two stops, one at Neil and Brodbelt and another at John H McConnell and Nationwide

What is the point/perks of being a Nordecke member?

Nordecke membership has multiple benefits including, but not limited to, exclusive access to Crew tickets, Nordecke Merchandise, events, and discounts at our partners around Ohio. Additionally, membership dues are directly used to create in-stadium Tifo displays, fund community outreach & donations, and support the Columbus soccer community.

What is tifo?

“Tifo” is the term for the large-scale visual displays that are developed and executed by the supporters group. Everything from waving flags to 80-foot painted banners are considered Tifo, and they are an integral part of the supporters culture. The Nordecke develops and funds its Tifo displays completely independently. Follow TIFOSWEAT to get involved!

What is NorOnTour?

NorOnTour is shorthand for “Nordecke on Tour” and has come to be the travel arm of the Nordecke. Whether it’s two Crew fans or 200 going to an away match, that’s NorOnTour. The NorOnTour committee of the Nordecke works to arrange tickets for Crew fans in the Away section of selected matches, and sometimes organizes buses or hotel blocks for trips with a large group traveling to the game.

What is Nordecke Community Assist?

Nordecke Community Assist is the charitable/community outreach arm of the Nordecke. It’s what we mean when we say we support the Columbus community. Whether it’s a supply drive for Kaleidoscope Youth Center, donating tickets to CRIS (Community Refugee & Immigration Services), or holding a voter registration drive, we’re passionate about being good citizens in our communities.

What should I know as a total newbie before attending my first match?

You should know that there is no wrong way to attend a Crew match or be a Crew fan. Whether you’re singing and chanting at the top of your lungs or sitting and evaluating the tactics, or just having a night out with your friends, you’re welcome in the Nordecke. Sure, the majority of people in the Nordecke are fully devoted to supporting the team for 90 minutes, but there’s no wrong way to do that. As long as you’re abiding by the code of conduct – don’t throw beer, please – and not making the rest of us look bad, you’re doing it right. Just do what you’re comfortable with and have a great time!

I heard there was a data breach in 2023, what are you doing to keep my information safe?

While we will never be able to prevent 100% of all malicious activity on the website, we have implemented best practices to ‘harden’ the backend of the website to ensure bad actors have a tougher time finding a backdoor. We have implemented scanning software to monitor incoming traffic and the activity taking place on nordecke.com.

We have implemented a requirement for stronger passwords from all users registering for an account or existing users resetting their password.

We hope these measures will help you, our users and members, to feel confident we are doing all we can to ensure your information is safe. Should you have any questions, please email us at webmaster@nordecke.com

I bought a match ticket through nordecke.com, how and when will I receive it?

First off, if this is your first time or not WELCOME to the section! We know you are excited to get your ticket. Please note the humans behind transferring tickets will make sure you get yours before the game. Our goal is to transfer tickets the night before the match to the email you used to place the order. These tickets will be transferred via Ticketmaster. Once transferred you will receive an email from Ticketmaster.

Should you have issues on gameday, we ask that you reach out to communications@nordecke.com before NOON. After noon, we may not have enough time to assist you, and may refer you to the Crew Box Office at Lower.com Field. As stated in the terms & conditions you accepted prior to checking out, we are not responsible for mistakes in the email provided.

I bought merchandise through nordecke.com, how and when will I receive it?

Our volunteers do their best to process and ship orders within 7 days of submission. Tracking information will be made available after the package ships.

If you have any concerns or questions, please email store@nordecke.com and include your order number.

How do I track the status of my order?

If you registered for an account, simply log in and go to your My Account page, you can find your orders under the Orders tab. Any order with tracking information will have ‘Track Shipment’ in the status column.

If you are not logged in, or do not have an account with us you can track the status of your order via our Track Shipment page, you will need to provide your Order Number and the Billing Email Address.

Please be respectful to all parking attendants and event staff. No one is permitted to climb the dirt mound next to the lot or move traffic cones.

What exactly is this tailgate?

The Nordecke will have free beer provided by our partners! Parking spots are available for small groups and individual fans to set up their own tailgates nearby. 

Where is this happening?

The North Lot at Lower.com Field, in the northwest corner of the lot. 
Dumpsters and portable bathrooms will be available on-site. 

How can I purchase parking?

Parking will be available on a match-by-match basis for $20 per spot, through the Nordecke website. Sales are first come, first serve, and purchasing is limited to one parking pass per member (limited matches may be open to non-members). 

The parking pass will be transferred to your Ticketmaster account and will be scanned at the lot entrance.

Do I have to pre-purchase parking if I just want to walk up and enjoy the tailgate?

No, you do not. Everyone is welcome!

When can I set up?

Five and a half (5.5) hours in advance of the Crew match kickoff 
(2:00pm lot entry for 7:30pm kickoff). 

When do I need to clear out?

Everything outside your vehicle (tent, chairs, grill, etc) must be cleaned up within 1 hour after the match ends. All vehicles must leave the lot by 6am the next morning. 

I want to bring a tent or some chairs or goals, how do I do that?

If you have pre-purchased parking, bring your setup and enjoy yourself! If you’re parking further away, you will be responsible for storage of equipment before, during, and after kick-off. We cannot guarantee storage for your belongings, but it doesn’t hurt to ask. 

What about set up & take down for tents?

Allow yourself enough time to arrive and properly enjoy your time. Others will be there to set up their own tents, feel free to ask anyone for help after they’re done setting up for themselves.

What about me setting up a tent and putting a TV in it like we did at HCS?

You’re allowed to do so. Gas generators are permitted. 

What if we want to do a big event like the Chili Cook Off?

That requires a little more planning but only because of the scope/scale. The Board will work with you on it and can connect you to the right people to make it happen

What about bigger events? Like a water balloon fight or having a band or TV?

Bigger events will require planning. Same with water balloon fights. We just need to plan it well in advance if it’s going to be a big event.

I have ideas about how to make this better or have feedback about the event, who do I talk to?

We are open to ideas because there is a LOT we can do here to make this environment fun for all Crew supporters, we just need ideas and volunteers to execute them!
If you’re interested in getting involved, please contact communications@nordecke.com.

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