Welcome to NorOnTour!!!  We are the traveling supporters of the Black and Gold.  Where You Go We’ll Follow isn’t just a chant to us, it’s our motto!!!

We travel to away games to cheer on the team and arrange meet ups with Crew fans in the city we’re visiting for pregame bar/tailgates.  We facilitate access to tickets in the designated Away Supporter section of the stadium so all Crew fans can sit together.

If there’s enough interest in traveling to a game as a group, we organize a bus so you don’t have to worry about driving and booking hotel rooms for overnight trips; allowing time to explore the city.  If the City is close or on a weekday, we arrange for same day up and back buses.

No matter if there is a bus or not, NorOnTour will organize a way to purchase away tickets in the away supporters section for those who want to travel separately or carpool together.

NorOnTour is open to all Crew supporters.  While we’d love if you were a Nordecke member, you don’t have to be in order to take part and travel to support the Greatest Team The World Has Ever Seen!!!

Get Bus Trips and Away Tickets through the links below:

Bus Trips
Away Tickets

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