Board of Directors

Katie Sherer

Coordinates all Nordecke activities, presides over all board meetings, provides general guidance, secondary signer of financial disbursements (in to the Treasurer), primary contact with external organizations (e.g. Crew Front Office, etc.). Responsible for ensuring the ongoing success of the Nordecke. Coordinates initiatives with the Nordecke and Crew. Oversees special projects and ensures the completion of all key Nordecke responsibilities, tasks, and duties.

Communications Director
Chris LaMacchia

Responsible for the strategic marketing, internal messaging, and external communications of The Nordecke. This includes coordinating external communication efforts with SGs and independent supporters, The Nordecke website and social media accounts; and coordination with the Front Office and other partners. They are charged with the development and implementation of an annual plan to effectively market to existing and new supporters both inside and outside Columbus. Such plan and associated elements shall include, but not be limited to, digital media, traditional media, PR, broadcast media, social media, and all effective methods. Maintains supporter registration and email database.


Deputy Director(s)
Natalie Gallagher
Senior Leadership
Kaitlin Francis
Community Director
Heather Giles

Oversees the planning and implementation of outreach strategies related to Nordecke’s community outreach initiatives; responsible for connecting people in the broader community to Nordecke by cultivating relationships with businesses, individuals, and other relevant organizations; develops a comprehensive annual plan to increase inclusivity within Nordecke and to increase awareness of the team with, including but not limited to, immigrant and minority communities; runs charitable giving and disaster relief programs. Additionally, is charged with overseeing community assistance programs, volunteer outreach, and charitable giving.

Deputy Director(s)
Heithem El-Hodiri
Creative Director
Brandon Starkey

Responsible for the coordination of design, planning, and execution of visual displays in the stadium for Nordecke, including but not limited to, rail banners, two sticks, tifo; finding a suitable location to trace and paint; maintains an inventory of fabric, paint, painting supplies, and other items needed for visual displays; creates set up team to hang banners, set out flags, ready tifo or any other tasks needed on game day; documents all projects.

Deputy Director(s)
Nick Chernick
Senior Leadership
Justin Anderson
Matchday Experience Director
Scott Spencer

Responsible for match-day experience both in and out of the stadium. These duties may include but are not limited to organizing and preparing capos and drums. Additional responsibilities include organizing and growing resources around — SGs, Capos, song sheets, drummers, marches, banner set up crew, ect…. They are also responsible for the organization and weekly fulfillment of the Hard Hat Heroes goal celebration and any other in-game experience. Aside from game-day duties, the Director of Operations is also obligated to meet with the Crew front office quarterly to review any issues or complaints related to match-day operations.

Deputy Director(s)
Norman Groves
Matchday Operations Director
Kourtney Sullivan

Responsible for match-day operations both in and out of the stadium. These duties may include but are not limited to ticket sales and distribution, planning of tailgate and/or supporter bars events, and collaborating with various groups to ensure a positive matchday environment. Aside from game-day duties, the Director of Operations is also obligated to meet with the Crew front office quarterly to review any issues or complaints related to match-day operations. They are also responsible for ensuring the ticket agreement between the club and Nordecke and ensuring the successful transfer of tickets on match day.

Senior Leadership
Joey DiNapoli, Derek Durham, Collin Hill, Trent May
Merchandise Director
Brad Holloway

Coordinates the development, maintains inventory, and ships merchandise from the Nordecke storefront online and in-person to generate funds to help Nordecke carry out its stated purpose. Overseeing these processes and fulfillment via the Nordecke digital storefront. This includes but is not limited to coordination of design, production, and shipment of membership packages, merchandise, working with organized supporter groups (“SGs) on their merchandising sales/options, and creating contacts within and outside the Columbus business community as vendors for merchandise.

Partnership Director
Ravi Pandey

Creates, builds, and maintains business partnerships for the Nordecke. Works in concert with Director of Merchandise on membership package; Coordinates/oversees external activities including but not limited to, managing sponsorships, organizing partner events, and social activities for members; works with Columbus business community to enact membership benefits and to generate funds to help the The Nordecke carry out its stated purpose; holds regular meetings with SGs prior to Board meetings, coordinating with SGs to ensure their voice is heard on the Board.

Deputy Director(s)
Ryan Wilber
Travel Director
Bud Tyler

Coordinates/oversees all activities related to travel and ticketing for away games; required to communicate with opposition teams’ Front Office representatives, opposition supporters’ group’s representatives, league officials, as well as local law enforcement as deemed necessary on a game by game basis; works with Columbus business community/government to provide alternative means of transportation to home and away games. When applicable will plan away travel events and activities for supporters to participate in and construct travel guides for travel participants.

Deputy Director(s)
Kevin Clark
Senior Leadership
Caitlin Durham

Note: Directors do not receive compensation for their services on the Board. Furthermore, Directors, or any business/interest owned or managed by Directors, cannot directly or indirectly profit from any activity of the Nordecke while serving as an active Director.

Nordecke Leadership Code of Conduct – new for 2024

At the Board of Directors meeting on February 1st, 2024, all Directors, Deputies, and Senior Leadership in attendance signed physical copies. The ones not in attendance were sent virtual copies to sign via DocuSign. 


Current Nordecke Bylaws

All-Star Week Guide

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