GAMEDAY – HiR Smoke Deploy


August 20, 2023    
6:20 pm - 9:30 pm


I am one again humbly asking for volunteers to help deploy smoke bombs for Sunday’s Hell Is Real Match Ignitor & Tifo deploy. We need 55 people- THAT’s Right- 55 People for this display!!!!

  • 55 people- each volunteer will be assigned a location.
  • Ty will be sending you a digital Smoke bomb waiver that you will HAVE to sign & email back to him.
    • It is the same one as the paper ones earlier in the season- but with the ever changing rules by the MLS, they HAVE to have a digital copy. (You can privately message me if you don’t want it public)
    • “But I signed the digital copy for Pride!”- Then you are good to go!!!
  • MUST be at the Gameday Closet in the Nordecke Bier Garden at 6:20pm!!!!
    • You CAN NOT BE LATE! Let me repeat bc we have a few people who forget this piece: YOU CANNOT BE LATE!!!
    • There you will get your smoke bomb & assigned area.
  • Don’t be stupid drunk!
  • Must be 18 years old.
  • Must have a Nordecke ticket.
Thank you in advance for helping make what is going to be an amazing display for our fans & to show Cincy that Ohio is Black & Gold!!!! We are Massive & Glory To Columbus :yellow_heart: :black_heart: :yellow_heart: :black_heart:
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96 Columbus Crew Way, Columbus, OH

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