We need your talents to help support the greatest team the world has ever seen and be the best supporter’s section in the league.  We have broken out activities into 6 basic committees.  If one of these areas looks like fun to you and you would like to help, please fill out the form below

  • Operations–Help design merch and membership items, distribute tickets, merch, and memberships through web store and tailgates; setup mutually beneficial partnerships with supporter friendly businesses.
  • Matchday–Help welcome new supporters, help spread songs in the stands, plan and execute tailgates, watch parties, and other group activities.
  • Tifo–Help #Tifosweat to create visual displays and set up the banners pre-game.
  • NorOnTour–Help plan and get the word out about away trips.
  • Community–Help set up and execute community involvement activities for members.
  • Communications–Help maintain the website and social media, participate in audio/video projects, keep members informed.