2024 Nordecke Midseason Feedback

As we approach the midpoint of the 2024 Columbus Crew season, the Nordecke board is looking for feedback on our efforts so far this season.  We’ll use this information to adjust as necessary and possible to ensure that we make the second half of 2024 absolutely Massive!

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Survey Results


50 responses (43 member / 6 non-member / 1 blank)

Less politics more crew supporting
Almost nothing has changed since last season. No member feedback during the season or over the offseason has been implemented.
Keep it up.
Would love to see the Nordecke Communications acknowledge that the volunteers are providing the food/drinks at tailgate. It’s assumed by the general population that Nordecke provides and pays for everything.
The tailgate is great except for the fact that there is no coordination for parking and if you arrive a little later people have parked incorrectly or not left enough space and is a hassle. Maybe have someone direct people where to park and to leave more space for later arriving supporters.
Tailgate: For the Cinci game, someone was playing VERY loud, VERY HEAVY metal music.  Distracted from the enjoyment.
It would be helpful if the layout remains the same match to match.
Please have non alcoholic beverages options for tailgate.
The Tifos are always top-notch and we have a great time in the ND.
Love the tifos so far!
We have a massive potential for huge tifo displays yet we continue to produce single banner tifos. I know it’s a lot of work and the space is limited to produce tifos but if we started tifo painting multiple months before the planned display date it should be possible to do a more impressive display.
I’m not sure but it appears at times the blond skinnier women is a bit intoxicated on the capo stand.  It really should be addressed.
Would love more chant variety. There are a bunch of good ones we don’t do anymore and I’m not sure why
I think we need to accept valid feedback from the YouTuber who said our supporters section lacks movement. I love Nordecke and think it’s one of the loudest in the league. But other than the new hand claps in Glory to Columbus & Columbus clap-clap-clap, we are very still.
The CAPO efforts have felt lackluster and uncoordinated compared to prior years. Major example was the Cincy game where CAPOs near 126 repeatedly were not leading or coleading any chants for multiple minutes at a time (multiple times) and completely let the atmosphere turn negative during Cincys goals. CAPOs were also busy talking to individuals in crowd and ignoring the other CAPO stand trying to get their attention. Other examples of other games include lack of communication between CAPO stands, inconsistent use of signage, and overall lack of direction/coordination. While understand CAPO role is likely under appreciated and not the easiest, CAPOs contribute to mood and atmosphere of Nordecke and feel some need serious training or need to be replaced or paired with more practiced individuals
Dont give the fans a chance to create something new or unique, and the constant chanting begins to be drown out to the point where it doesn’t have any real effect.
Capos are ok, but don’t seem in sync all the time. Need some new chants. Keep the one blond women off the stand in the second half, or she should not drink as much, and others in the section have noticed it. We all love to have a great time, but not if you are on the stand.
Your game day directors are useless. Too busy trying to be the popular kids instead of handling their responsibilities. Asking people to stay after matches for tear down and disappearing to party and not help isn’t a good look.
Match Day and Game Day directors are killing it! Thanks for all you do!
Everything else is great. Capos need to do a better job of actually following the game and momentum for simple basic songs when we are down or conceded to get the WHOLE stadium involved. Not just our section or a few hundred in our section.
I feel like nordecke has become very negative with booing random players and profanity especially towards the refs. It’s a bad look and I’m embarrassed by it as a fan in that section (especially cause many times we’re booing a correct call and then we just look stupid). You can’t help what certain fans will do or say but I’ve seen more and more capos do this as well and that’s a really bad look. I also feel there needs to be more effort to get the crowd going when the team is behind. Nordecke is so silent when the team is behind or the game is slow. The supporters section should be loud and trying to motivate the guys no matter the score. The Monterey game was so good about this- but most games this season, I feel like the only person around me cheering
Some Capos are not as inclusive as others and do not respect the fans other than their friends in that section.
Don’t know what capos is
Loved seeing a couple kids get into the capo stand. As long as they’re kids normally sit in Nordecke and love for songs. They being  fun energy for 10-15 minutes.
Consistency and better coordination of CAPO stands for chants.
QR code reusable signs for Nordecke and non-Nordecke sections to scan before games.
Tone down on the commanded chants, let fans have more freedom, let La Guardia take over more, stop being overly corporate. This is a football club, not a company.
New chants, understand easier said than done. Maybe some type of communication between the stands so they are all doing the same chants and cheers.
Bring back the CTID chant please!
It’d be great to find ways to get the upper sections more involved, it can be so quiet up there. Keep everyone cheering loud!
Less vamos Columbus during match play and/or speed up the tempo. That particular chant seems to drain the energy from the Nordecke
I would like some more variety in the chants.


18 responses (16 member / 2 non-member)

I find that information differs based on which platform it is shared. Most important fan information tends to be on social media, which many people miss, myself included.
Some information comes out way too late. Fans can’t really plan for away days fully when tickets aren’t on sale until a few weeks before.
Web page is clunky. Hard to find cart/basket sometimes – sometimes have to put something in cart to find it and then delete item. Banners about nor on tour and whatever else need only show up once per visit.
Information should be shared equally across platforms. I’m frustrated that member information, such as match lotteries, are shared across social media as opposed to giving current, paid members an option to be made aware before the general public.
Generally more transparency regarding board discussions- just feels like there is not a spirit of open communication
Expectations. This isn’t a fully time job, but giving us a heads up would be great.
Not sure this is with the Nordecke, but most people don’t understand why two groups outside of Nordecke leadership feel like they speak for all of us.  They are more vocal but it really has started to turn a portion of us off wanting to even be part of the childish actions that they bring to the groups.  Are we here for the team or for yourself?
Text messaging
Translated emails!
More transparency, especially as it comes to Board information and voting.
More information about other events/initiatives (Tifo, Community work, non-watch party events)
More info about members, local events, more variety.
Better information sharing.
Having attended multiple monthly meetings I have noticed that when questions are asked or issues raised, the immediate response is defensive and sometimes angry response. It makes people less inclined to participate and provide feedback.
Not all information is shared equally across platforms
It’s fine.
Sometimes it is hard to know who is promoting what, gets confusing when it feels like we have 30 different supporters groups doing their own thing.  Really thought the goal of Nordecke was to not have to have all the different groups but to come together for one cause, to support the team.
I don’t feel that these surveys provide a very useful tool in providing feedback.
It feels as though there is intentional hiding of information through different platforms.
I feel like it’s the same stuff over and over.
Promotes a ton of non-gameday related items. Almost no promotion of game day environment.


12 responses (10 member / 2 non-member)

I put ‘no opinion’ on everything because the scale doesn’t really give me the ability to answer accurately.
Membership Merch – in theory it was great and i was excited for it. socks were the best part of the package. the koozie was mid, the pin was good, the shot glass was a total bust. it was just a sticker on the glass and every single sticker i saw was crooked. I threw mine away. the mugs are good but ya’ll have way too many of them.

Beanie – i didn’t love any of the designs and didn’t order one. i severely disliked the design that won but wouldn’t have ordered any of the other choices either so i really didn’t care that much.

Columbus Apparel Company – all of their merch seems to be very hastily thrown together designs. the Nancy-ism design was sloppy and i’m embarrassed that we gave those to the team as they were. What really sucks is their shirts are soft as hell, if they could just get a real artist on their staff they’d be golden. Their Nordecke shirt was mid, Nancy-ism shirt was awful, pride shirt and design are confusing to me. The Nordecke logo doesn’t belong to them-it was made by suppco. Why are they allowed to use it?

Supporter Supply – always has great content and great quality items. I wish the wrist bands on their sweatshirts kept their elasticity but beggars and choosers. Split kit looked cool but just isn’t my jam. Looked great on others. I love the new nordecke line. I’ll be buying some soon. I’d like to see a little more variety out of SuppCo though.
I found all of the Columbus Apparel items to be extremely lackluster in look. Supporter Supply items are better, but would like more variety.
Most of Columbus Apparel’s stuff looks very low rent. The Nancy-ism shirt looks like a  young child playing with Microsoft Word. When I saw that was given as a gift to the players, I was embarrassed.
This year’s merch was kinda meh. The shot glass had a sticker that came off after the first wash. We need some more creative stuff other than sticking a big N logo on random stuff.
I feel like the merchandise put out this year is really boring. Just sticking the N logo on random stuff isn’t super exciting. By this time everyone knows how to get merchandise from SS or Columbus Apparel without having to go through Nordecke. I would like to see some new ideas.
The beanies were an interesting decision, considering that our partner Suppco was making their own beanie and the crew was giving them away during the first game. Plus, Brad ordered 500 of them… and claimed that it was because the Nordecke survey for merch had 500 responses of the beanie design and assumed 500 responses meant 500 orders?  He also said the minimum that the supplier  (Bill with Global Scarves) would need in order to make the beanies “worth it to him” was to order 500 beanies to the tune of over $4000 of the Nordecke’s money. I see this as reckless spending, even though he claimed in his candidacy that he “will continue to find ways to be cost conscious and use our membership dollars in the best way possible while offering quality and in-demand products.” I was the one who recommended BEGGING the supplier to lower the amount of beanies purchased, even if they could only do half, anything to lower the cost to the Nordecke. As of now, only 88 have been sold according to the Nordecke website.

In regards to the Columbus Apparel Company designs, they are not my personal favorite designs. I prefer Suppco, though I know that that is a matter of taste and not necessarily a reflection of the merchandise department doing anything wrong. However, I didn’t think it was a great look for Brad to shop around the Nordecke proposal from Suppco to other merchandise vendors. That proposal was a contract, and Brad took it around to other vendors looking for a better deal, even though the contract came from an exisiting partnership in good standing with the Nordecke. He said that he found companies willing to match or exceed the bid from Suppco, which was set at 50/50 split profits with the Nordecke, though he has never shown any indication of working with the companies that offered him a 60/40, 70/30 split to my knowledge. He also has misspoke numerous times about why he didn’t want to go with the Suppco proposal. Originally, it was because they were “too expensive” although at a later date he said “Suppco gives us consistently the best prices in the market”. Then, he said he found a better deal from a better company, but those better deals never were followed up on? Who offered the 70/30 split?

I loved the idea of making pride merch. I don’t understand why both partnership companies made the exact same merch (a tshirt / sticker). It puts them in direct competition with each other, which isn’t a good look for the Nordecke. Why have competing merchandise vendors, when they should have a professional, working relationship with the Nordecke that doesn’t put them in competition with each other? It goes against his claim to “foster new vendor relationships to offer a wider variety of products”. Both Suppco and CAC have struggled at different times working with Brad, the relationship with CAC being only a few months before a twitter war exploded, and all over tshirts? The relationship with Suppco is strained due to Brad shopping around the contract. I had no part in shopping the proposal around – anyone who was at that board meeting when he said he had been doing that could clearly see I was shocked that he had done that. I had no idea he was talking to other vendors, and once he came to me saying CAC accepted the same contract as Suppco, I wasn’t in an authorative position where I could say no. The contract had already been given to them. When I questioned the way CAC and Brad were handling some logistical straints, I was attacked. And, I was portrayed as being against him and acting against the interest of the Nordecke. Which is clearly not the case.
The membership gifts this year were truly awful. The coozie was extremely cheaply made. The shot glass was a joke – it was obviously a clear glass with cheap stickers. My stickers chipped and peeled before even using it. Then socks were the best of the gifts. I’m extremely disappointed that membership prices raised and the gift quality dropped significantly.
Nordecke desperately needs a brand ambassador to be a steward of, and protect, the brand.

The current merch director is not performing that duty, and obviously doesn’t remotely care about weeding out bad designs.
Nordecke merch needs far more oversight, and actual objective thinking when considering or approving deigns.
All merch made for the Nordecke needs to positively reflect and represent the Nordecke, along with its members… in quality of design and messaging.

Just because a design is made for, and presented to the Nordecke, does not mean it has to be made, or endorsed.
Nordecke merch should have meaning and thought put into it…  not just adding effects to the logo and calling it design.

Additionally… the Nordecke should not promote nor endorse designs that are copyright violations of the Crew, Crew players, MLS, Disney, or any other entity. It’s a bad look and opens up legal issues.
Some of the designs from that new COlumbus apparel company are just really really bad and it is just generally confusing why they are a partner. Nordecke should be more mindful of their brand/image with merchandise that is released and partners they promote
Reach out to added time outfitters about a Nordecke exclusive membership wristband. https://addedtimeoutfitters.com/
Hard to describe in a sentence that isn’t just “better merchandise” and lots more options. Supporter Supply is great with what they have but the Columbus Apparel designs read extremely cheap and low effort. I would like items that are unique and more fashion forward as well (Different types of shirts, collars, trims, designs etc). I would love to represent the Nordecke more, but it would be nice to have options that are not just a logo or text slapped onto the front of a basic tee. More items in the vein of Supporter Supply’s myriad of different types of apparel and designs.
I’m very disappointed that the Merch Director didn’t let us help with the gift bags for the team before they left for Pachuca. That would’ve been a great way to let us “normal” people feel like we’re a part of the Nordecke. Once again, this shows how cliquish most of the inner workings of the Nordecke has become.
I would like to see Brad hold to his candidacy claim that he will “work with the members to design and offer merchandise they would be willing to purchase.” While I’m sure that members of the board were consulted over the merch, I haven’t seen any other effort other than the original Nordecke merch survey I created to include the membership in designs. Speaking of that, I would also love for him to hold true to this claim: “I will work closely with other board members, Nordecke Members, and Supporters groups to create merchandise that supports the organizations goals”. Part of working closely with supporters groups is not calling them intimidating, physically or verbally assaulting them, or threatening to withhold them from privileges they hold as part of the collective due to a personal vendetta. SGs are out here making their own merch without Brad.
Lastly, I would like to see Nordecke Merchandise NOT work with a Colorado company to make a jersey. It is a slap in the face to the local companies you have here.
Now, my mind and heart is clear.
Scarves. The yearly membership gift, especially with the newer summer scarves, was missed a lot this year.
Just… more critical thinking.
More thoughtful decisions regarding the treatment of partners, what merch is approved & released.


4 responses (2 member / 2 non-member)

Would love to see more social events outside of watch parties.
I know this belongs more in merchandise but I missed it. I would like to see a very strong partnership between supporter supply co and the Nordecke. If you want a jersey created they should be your first choice not a random person from Colorado. Support Local!


11 responses (9 member / 2 non-member)

This survey is asking whether people are aware of the specific organization’s in general. It doesn’t include any specific ways Nordecke is involved or supports these organizations. I am unaware of any specific involvement in most of these organizations besides monetary donations.
It might help to send out an email maybe every few weeks highlighting 1 community partner each time. If this happens already, I missed it. I usually read everything I get from Nordecke. Kaleidoscope Youth Center is the only one I really saw a lot about through the year.
I’m looking for the Nordecke to provide more involvement in the community and less using Nordecke members dues as monetary donations.
Volunteer opportunities
Freedom a La Cart ~ A Columbus bakery and cafe that employs and teaches skills to survivors of human trafficking.
Columbus Furniture Bank
Habitat for Humanity
Huckleberry House
Events that give back to the community
There could be a day at the Zoo/waterpark/ or other location where we could get group discounted rates.
Golf, Soccer Golf, Tennis, Pickleball
kayaking, board games

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