Proposed Changes to Nordecke Bylaws

The Nordecke Board has reviewed and determined that changes are needed to the Nordecke Bylaws, to revise and update the document in order to better reflect the role of the Board and the mission of the Nordecke. 

Listed below are the current Nordecke Bylaws, the entire Revised Bylaw Proposal, and a document highlighting the significant changes from the current Bylaws. 

Existing Nordecke Bylaws

2024 Proposed Bylaws – Full Text

2024 Proposed Bylaws – Significant Changes

These documents will be available for review for not less than 30 days, after which period there will be an up-or-down vote to adopt or reject the proposed changes. Anyone who is a 2024 Nordecke member 24 hours from the beginning of the voting period will be eligible to vote for the adoption or rejection of the proposal. A two-thirds majority of votes cast is required for the proposal to be passed. 

Comments, feedback, and/or suggestions can be emailed to during the review period. Comments will also be accepted at the Board Meeting on May 2nd at 6pm in the auditorium of the Columbus Main Library. 

Bylaws Proposal Open Forum 

Tuesday May 21st, 6:00pm-8:00pm – CML Driving Park, Meeting Room 3. Also on Zoom

Please join us for an open discussion of the bylaws proposal! This will be an opportunity to review feedback submitted online and discuss potential revisions to the proposal. 

Summary of feedback received via email (pdf)

2024.05.21 Nordecke Bylaws Forum Minutes

Meeting recording (YouTube)

All-Star Week Guide

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