Announcement about 2024 Single Match Tickets

The Nordecke Board is proud to announce that we have reached an agreement with the Columbus Crew Front Office to sell single-match tickets via in 2024.

First, The Nordecke Board wants to thank our members for their patience as we’ve navigated this complex issue and worked to provide the best opportunity for continued access to single-match tickets. We apologize for the delay and uncertainty over the course of the negotiations.

The Nordecke Board also wishes to thank the Crew Front Office for their willingness to hear our concerns and adjust their roadmap to meet the needs of our members. Their actions over the course of this negotiation reflect their commitment to The Nordecke and those who rely on us for access to Columbus Crew matches, in addition to their excitement for the atmosphere the Nordecke provides for each and every home Crew match.

After much discussion, the Crew Front Office has offered the Nordecke 30 tickets at the Season Ticket Member rate, and provided The Nordecke with the opportunity to purchase all remaining Nordecke Section ticket inventory that isn’t held by full or partial Season Ticket holders for all Crew home matches.

For the 2024 MLS Season, The Nordecke will have between 30 and 165 tickets available for purchase by our members, based on ticket inventory per match. Prices per ticket will be set at $49 for the majority of games. Some matches, such as against Cincinnati and Miami, will be priced higher while some may be priced lower.

The Nordecke Board decided not to purchase additional tickets beyond those 30 to the match against Inter Miami on October 2nd. This decision was based on foreseeing low demand from our members for these tickets, due to dynamic ticket pricing that has become the norm across Major League Soccer. Any members who are looking to buy Miami tickets are able to purchase directly from the Front Office or secondary markets.

Specifically for Crewsmas on February 24th, the Nordecke will have 30 tickets available through a lottery that will be open to 2024 Nordecke Supporters Group Members. The details of this lottery will be released in the coming days.

The Board believes that, while the number of available single match tickets has decreased, this is a direct reflection of the explosion in popularity of Crew games, and a desire to be in the Nordecke and take part in the atmosphere that has become the envy of the league. We remain confident that the match day experience our members and Crew fans create together will remain the Gold Standard of MLS in 2024 and beyond.

The Nordecke Board will continue to advocate for the availability of single match tickets for our members, and look forward to discussions with the Crew Front Office regarding ticket availability in future years.

The Board is currently working through the logistics of making tickets available for purchase on our website. Stay in touch with all of our social channels and weekly member’s email for more information.

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