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The Board of Directors remains unchanged for the 2024 season.

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Nomination/Declaration period: 12/18-12/31/23 
Voting: 1/2-1/15/24 (voting closes at 9am on 1/15)
Transitional Board Meeting: Thurs 1/18/24 at 6:00pm
New Board assumes office 2/1/2024

Roles and Duties of each Board position. Directors must be over the age of 18.

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Questions included:
– What makes you a good fit for the role?
– If elected, what do you feel the first business for your role should be?
– Have you previously served on the Board? If yes, what role(s) and year(s)?

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Voting begins January 2nd!

This section will be updated periodically throughout the Nomination/Declaration period, so that members can review candidates and their experience/goals prior to voting. Candidates are listed alphabetically by first name. 
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Katie Sherer

Have you previously served on the Nordecke Board of Directors? If so, what role(s) and year(s).

Currently serving as chairperson (elected 2023), previously appointed to Community Director mid-2022 due to a vacancy

I have been around the Crew world since its inception, starting from my days as a ball kid in Ohio Stadium. I’ve been a season ticket member at various points throughout life and most recently have been a Nordecke STM since 2016. I was never affiliated with any supporters group prior to the Nordecke collective. I started to volunteer my time during Save the Crew with the community events and then subsequently with TIFO activities. Over the years I have become more involved with the activities of the Nordecke organization. I bring experience from those who never felt like they had a place to belong within the section. With this experience, I hope to reach out to others that may be in the same circumstances with the expanded Nordecke section. I hope to show everyone that no matter their interests and skills, there is somewhere for them to get involved within the organization.

I have 15 years of experience in project management and working in multi-disciplinary and multi-cultural teams. I have demonstrated the ability to maintain professional decorum in high stress situations. These skills enable me to guide the numerous activities that the Nordecke organization is involved in throughout the year within gameday and beyond and be a liaison to the front office to lobby for the needs of our membership.

In my current role as chairperson, I have spearheaded the bylaws revision that began back in April with a committee of volunteers. We have worked over months to critically examine the current bylaws and post-COVID operations and worked to align the bylaws with such operations. We also hired external legal counsel that specializes in 501c7 organizations to ensure that the organization is operating within the legal guidelines and have engaged in back-and-forth discussions to finalize the bylaws which the new board can bring to the membership for voting in 2024.

I also organized the Nordecke Cup, with assistance of a few volunteers, from registrations to team divisions, as well as behind-the-scenes details with the front office.

In the run up to the Cup, the board worked around the clock on very short turnarounds for both the Eastern Conference Final and MLS Cup. The collective board successfully ran two ticket lotteries in back-to-back weeks, with Board Members and Deputies contributing to sending out invoices, transferring tickets, and processing refunds for 1000+ orders. On top of the ticketing for both events, many aspects of gameday and travel were simultaneously being hammered out in real time with board members working collaboratively across roles to make the logistics come together.

In addition to the major activities, I participated in more than 80 meetings over the course of the season between the board, front office, ownership, and Nordecke partners, running or organizing the majority of those meetings or supporting other Directors in activities. These ranged from planned meetings to spur of the moment meetings that required urgent attention to the matters at hand. Beyond the organized meetings, there were ongoing conversations with the board and front office on matters across the spectrum.


The first order of business if I should be elected would be to complete the bylaws revision that was started in 2023. With a much larger organization, bringing the antiquated bylaws up to date will help increase the efficiency of the organization and bring transparency to the operations of the organization.

The other major goal I have for 2024 is twofold. I would like to continue the effort to educate the masses on the difference between Nordecke the organization and Nordecke the section and get more of the section involved with the organization. In conjunction with this, I want to educate our members how they can get involved with the organization and create spaces where there is a low barrier to entry for folks to meet each other. In 2023, the board has laid the groundwork to have social events outside of gamedays and watch parties with partners, both non-profit and businesses, throughout the city.



Kristina Balevska

Have you previously served on the Nordecke Board of Directors? If so, what role(s) and year(s).

What makes you a good fit for this role?
I’ve been around the Nordecke from the beginning of the group in 2008. My experiences will be insight from the past and try to incorporate what made the section grow.

If elected, what do you feel should be the first business for your role?
To hear the people’s voices and to work with the supporters. The original motto of the growth in the past was to work with the people who make the section what it is today. Listen to the concerns and be the voice for them.


Scott Haag

Have you previously served on the Nordecke Board of Directors? If so, what role(s) and year(s).
I have not previously served on the Nordecke Board of Directors. 
However, I have served on the Board of Directors of multiple non-profits. These roles have included but not been limited to Secretary and Philanthropy Chair. In one such role, I vetted and established relationships with numerous Central Ohio children’s charities and spearhead over $300K in fundraising of which 100% of the funds raised went directly to those charities to directly benefit Central Ohio children.

What makes you a good fit for this role?
I bring strong experience from serving as a member if the Board of Directors of non-profit organizations. In these roles, I have served with people of diverse backgrounds and viewpoints, just as I would on the Board of Directors of The Nordecke. As a longtime Crew fan and season-ticket holder since 2009 and member of the #SaveTheCrew research team, I truly understand and appreciate the history, culture, and legacy of our team and fan base.

 I also have strong and vast experience interacting with people of all walks of life, including US Presidents and CEOs of large corporations as well as members of our society struggling to just get by day-to-day. I am a strong networker and will harness that skill to collaborate with the Crew front-office and other pertinent parties and entities to enhance the experience and benefits, both gameday and otherwise for all members of The Nordecke. 

If elected, what do you feel should be the first business for your role?
If elected, I will lead with the best interests of all Nordecke members at heart. This will include collaborative establishment of clear policies, such as the clear date driven window for Nordecke memberships. As a leader, I will oppose arbitrary reopening of membership, as transpired leading up to the MLS Cup Final match. I will also encourage collaboration with all fans and supporters groups, whether or not they are members of The Nordecke. I will also work to establish and maintain strong relationships with local businesses and organizations, be it a provider of free food and drink for gameday tailgates or local non-profits with whom we may collaborate to support and benefit our fellow Central Ohioans. 

Blaine Dearth

Have you previously served on the Nordecke Board of Directors? If so, what role(s) and year(s).
I have not. 

What makes you a good fit for this role?
I will be upfront. I do not have the same experience as the current director. I have worked primarily on political campaigns in the city region for the better part of the last three years. In those roles, I have crafted media content for social media channels and media partners. I have copywriting and graphic design experience that worked to my benefit in those past opportunities. This involved being the Director of Communications for a consulting firm, and being Director of Communications for campaigns in other cities. Ultimately, I am a fierce lover of this sport and of this team. I am incredibly excited at the idea of working on behalf of folks who feel the same way I do.  

If elected, what do you feel should be the first business for your role?
I would like to see a re-vamp of the current social media strategy. I feel we would benefit massively from a more consistent posting calendar and a cohesive design strategy. Not all of us are in or active the Facebook groups or the slack – and outward facing social media channels act as the primary method of engagement for those folks. 

Chris LaMacchia