The Nordecke

For most of the Columbus Crew’s history, the team’s supporter’s groups sat apart until the 2008 season when the north stands, where the most ardent of Crew supporters stood, were demolished in order to build a stage. The building of the stage essentially forced the groups to come together into the north corner of the stadium, forming one large block of vocal and artistic support. Putting their differences aside, the three groups formed the Nordecke ( /nɔːrdˈɛkə/) which is German for “north corner”, celebrating the city’s German heritage. Subsequently, more than five Supporter Groups came together as the Nordecke grew and evolved. In the wake of the relocation saga, new Supporters Groups and fans located throughout the stadium, city, and country have come together under the Nordecke’s banner to support the Crew.

The Nordecke has and will always stand for Crew supporters, moving forward the Nordecke realize that every fan is a supporter whether they are in the corner or across the globe. The Nordecke is and will continue to be a place where all members of the Crew community and all Crew fans come together to support the city and club.