Welcome to NorOnTour!!!  We are the traveling supporters of the Black and Gold.  Where You Go We’ll Follow isn’t just a chant to us, it’s our motto!

If there’s enough interest in traveling to a game as a group, we organize a bus so you don’t have to worry about driving and booking hotel rooms for overnight trips; allowing time to explore the city.  If the destination city is close or on a weekday, we arrange for same day up and back buses.

No matter if there is a bus or not, NorOnTour will organize a way to purchase away tickets in the away supporters section for those who want to travel separately or carpool together.

NorOnTour is open to all Crew supporters.  While we’d love if you were a Nordecke member, you don’t have to be in order to take part and travel to support the Greatest Team The World Has Ever Seen!

Remaining 2022 Away Matches

Wednesday 10/5/22 7:00pm vs Charlotte
$35 tickets, sales close Saturday 10/1!

Sunday 10/9/22 2:30pm vs Orlando
$20 Tickets Here!

NorOnTour 2023 Details Coming Soon!

NorOnTour Bus Trip FAQs:

What kind of bus are we talking about?

This varies from trip to trip depending on the charter company we use and bus availability. Most trips use a 52-passenger coach but some of our smaller trips will use a 36-passenger coach.

What is the cost for bus trips?

The average cost for an overnight trip in a quad room is $160 per rider and a double room is $210 per rider. This includes bus spot, game ticket, and hotel accommodations. For Up and Back buses average cost is from $90 to $120.

What typically comes with an overnight bus trip?

Typically, when you purchase an overnight bus trip it includes a seat on the bus, game ticket, and hotel accommodations.

What typically comes with an up and back bus trip?

Typically, when you purchase an up and back bus trip it includes a seat on the bus and game ticket.

What is meant by hotel accommodations?

Advertised trip costs includes hotel accommodations based on quad occupancy for the room. For an additional fee we can usually accommodate double, triple, or single occupancy if desired.

What if I go on an overnight bus trip alone and don’t have a set person to stay with in the hotel room?

For overnight trips, solo travelers are matched with hotel roommates. Before the trip, an email will be sent to the group with roommate listings. If you would like to change your accommodations, it can be done at that time.

Is there a restroom on the bus or do you make pit stops?

Yes there is a restroom on the bus! As for stopping the bus, we usually try to limit ourselves to 1 or 2 stops depending on distance to keep the trip on schedule.

Is NorOnTour just for Nordecke members or people that stand in the Nordecke?

Absolutely not! We welcome all Crew fans on our trips.

Is alcohol allowed on the bus?

Unless stated otherwise on the trip detail page alcohol is permitted on the bus as long it is not in glass containers. Alcohol consumption is only permitted for adults 21 years of age and over and riders must drink responsibly.

Are away match tickets available if I travel on my own?

Yes! Depending on trip destination we will either have a link to the hosting teams ticketing site with a code for Crew supporters or we will sell them directly via the NorOnTour section of our online store.