Nordecke Tailgate at Supporters’ HQ FAQ

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Please be respectful to all parking attendants and event staff. No one is permitted to climb the dirt mound next to the lot or move traffic cones.

Q: What exactly is this tailgate?

A: The Nordecke will have free beer provided by our partners! Parking spots are available for small groups and individual fans to set up their own tailgates nearby. 

Q: Where is this happening?

A: The North Lot at Field, in the northwest corner of the lot. 
Dumpsters and portable bathrooms will be available on-site. 

Q: How can I purchase parking?

A: Parking will be available on a match-by-match basis for $20 per spot, through the Nordecke website. Sales are first come, first serve, and purchasing is limited to one parking pass per person. You must be a 2023 Nordecke member to purchase.
The parking pass will be transferred to your Ticketmaster account the day before the match, and will be scanned at the lot entrance.

Q: Do I have to pre-purchase parking if I just want to walk up and enjoy the tailgate?

A: No, you do not. Everyone is welcome!

Q: When can I set up?

A: Five and a half (5.5) hours in advance of the Crew match kickoff 
(2:00pm lot entry for 7:30pm kickoff). 

Q: When do I need to clear out?

A: Everything outside your vehicle (tent, chairs, grill, etc) must be cleaned up within 1 hour after the match ends. All vehicles must leave the lot by 6am the next morning. 

Q: I want to bring a tent or some chairs or goals, how do I do that?

A: If you have pre-purchased parking, bring your setup and enjoy yourself! If you’re parking further away, you will be responsible for storage of equipment before, during, and after kick-off. We cannot guarantee storage for your belongings, but it doesn’t hurt to ask. 

Q: What about set up & take down for tents?

A: Allow yourself enough time to arrive and properly enjoy your time. Others will be there to set up their own tents, feel free to ask anyone for help after they’re done setting up for themselves.

Q: What about me setting up a tent and putting a TV in it like we did at HCS?

A: You’re allowed to do so. Gas generators are permitted. 

Q: What if we want to do a big event like the Chili Cook Off?

A: That requires a little more planning but only because of the scope/scale. The Nordecke Board will work with you on it and can connect you to the right people to make it happen.

Q: What about bigger events? Like a water balloon fight or having a band or TV?

A: Bigger events will require planning. Same with water balloon fights. We just need to plan it well in advance if it’s going to be a big event.

Q: I have ideas about how to make this better or have feedback about the event, who do I talk to? 

A: We are open to ideas because there is a LOT we can do here to make this environment fun for all Crew supporters, we just need ideas and volunteers to execute them! 

If you’re interested in getting involved or have suggestions, please contact