Nordecke Block Party FAQ

Q: Can we cook/grill?

A: This is the most common question we get and unfortunately the answer is no. Local and state laws prohibit it.

Q: Can we bring our own food?

A: While the Nordecke as an organization has some agreements in place for catering the block party, those do not apply to individuals. So if you want to bring food there are only three restrictions you need to be aware of.

  • You cannot cook, because laws.
  • Any food has to be “housed somewhere” –  this means there needs to be a tent or table set up where it is placed. The easiest way to do this is to bring it onto the patio at Whistle and Keg as they openly welcome outside food and it requires zero set up on your part but yes you can do a whole set up.
  • Any warming needs to be minimal and easily removed and disposed of.

Q: So if I want to set up a tent, bring some burgers or snacks I made before the match to give to my friends and chill, that’s cool?

A: Yup.

Q: What if we want to do a big event like the Chili Cook Off?

A: That requires a little more planning but only because of the scope/scale. The Board will work with you on it and can connect you to the right people but it’s totally possible.

Q: What about me setting up a tent and putting a TV in it like we did at HCS?

A: You do you, if you need a power hook up let us know. You can’t have a gas generator, if you have a solar one we just need to know to let NRI know it will be there (no restrictions just being a good partner) but otherwise you are good to go. There are hookups on the plaza for power too and we can set that up if you like.

Q: What about bigger events? Like a water balloon fight or having a band or TV?

A: We have the ability to set up a stage for bands right on Battelle Plaza. Similarly we can put up a TV display for MLS, Blue Jackets, EPL, or other soccer matches. Same with water balloon fights. We just need to plan it if it’s going to be a big event.

Q: Can I bring my own alcohol or give it away on the plaza?

A: No, unfortunately, state and local laws prohibit that. That said if you are a member of an SG, business, or just a wonderful person and want to give away drinks let us know. There are workarounds for a lot of this issue, we just have to abide by the law. That said, Whistle & Keg, NRI, and the Crew are willing to work with us on it so we can make stuff happen.

Q: Okay I won’t bring my own but do we have to go inside Whistle & Keg to get drinks?

A: No, we’ve worked with W&K so that Nordecke members have a dedicated bar kiosk near the bike station on the Plaza at Whistle & Keg to cut down on lines and wait times. This will also be stocked with drink specials for Nordecke members and Nordecke favorite drinks (i.e. Massive and the Nordecke Brew by Endeavor).

Q: I want to bring a tent or some chairs or goals, how do I do that?

A: You bring it. There is an area near the steps and ramp at whistle and keg or on the far side of the plaza to keep the center area with trees open that NRI has requested we try to stay in and as good partners we want to make that effort, however you can bring and set up like always.

Q: When can I set up?

A: Five (5) hours in advance of the Crew Match’s kickoff.

Q: When do I need to clear out?

A: Within a half hour of the first kick (by the 30th minute of the Crew match).

Q: Can I park on the Plaza?

A: No, it’s a public plaza.

Q: What about set up & take down for tents?

A: There is an ally behind Whistle & Keg, you can pull in there to unload and load your car without an issue. If you are VERY fast and far enough before the match (4 hours or so) you can pause on Nationwide or Front Street to do it.

Q: I have ideas about how to make this better or feel like it could be better A: We are open to ideas because there is a LOT we can do here to make this environment fun for all Nordecke members and families, we just need ideas and volunteers to execute. If you’re interested comment in the thread below and we will add you to the committee.