2023 Nordecke Senior Leadership Applications

In addition to the Board of Directors, Nordecke has a number of Senior Leadership Roles which work directly with the Board, Nordecke members, Supporter Groups, Club, and Partners to achieve major tasks within the Crew Community. These are non-voting appointed positions that serve a one-year term alongside the Board of Directors. They are eligible to be reappointed up to six times.

If you are interested in being more involved or taking a Leadership Role in Nordecke but don’t know where to start, haven’t had the chance to be that involved before, or just aren’t able to commit the time required for a full Board position these are a great place to start.

Senior Leadership roles are required to be a 2023 Nordecke Member. You do not have to be a current member, however, you will be required to obtain a membership prior to being seated in your role.

Non-Voting Appointed Roles:

General Counsel/Senior Advisor: Serve as an advisor to the Board of Directors aiding the operational or legal decisions.

Accountant: Aid the Treasurer in managing the finances of the group and preparing the annual tax return.

Fan Council Lead: Aid the Chair in coordinating the fan council and initiatives that come from it.

Website Coordinator: Work with the Communications Director to ensure the website is kept up-to-date and fully functional. Also assists in content creation or editorial support for the website.

Match-Day Coordinator: Support the Match Day Directors in ensuring the day of activities are a success.

Hard Hat Heroes Liaison: Organize the Hard Hat Heroes weekly and ensure that the tradition continues and grows under supporter control.

Messaging Coordinator: Primarily responsible for ensuring that details around upcoming and past Board Meets are posted, including minutes. Aid the Chair and Communications Director in handling internal and external messaging, including social media needs.

Supporter Group Coordinator: Works with the Partnership Director to help empower and grow existing supporters’ groups in Columbus under the Nordecke umbrella.

Volunteer Coordinator: Responsible for working with the Chair and Communications director to ensure Nordecke is actively engaging new volunteers and connecting them with the appropriate Director, committee, or project lead.

TIFO Coordinator: Assist the Creative Director in the planning and execution of TIFO, Banners, and other displays, including volunteer and resource coordination.

Storefront & Merchandising Coordinator: Assist the Merchandising Director in managing the Nordecke Storefront and Merchandise, including ordering, packaging, inventory, and shipping.

Deputy Chair: Each member of the Board of Directors is able to appoint a Deputy Chair to act as their second and assist in managing the responsibilities of the Chair’s role.

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