Meeting Notes – Nordecke Board & Dr. Pete Edwards – 5/23/22

Selected notes from the Nordecke Leadership Board’s meeting with Dr. Pete Edwards on 5/23/2022

  1. Introduction of New Board Members
    1. Brad Holloway – Merchandise Director
    2. Chris LaMacchia – Communications Director
  2. Group Discussion: Weather Delay 5/21/22
    1. Better Communication of updates from Crew FO
      1. Timeliness of updates
      2. Concourse speakers
      3. Display Boards
    2. Roof leaks being addressed
  3. Dr Pete: Upcoming charitable partnership opportunities
  4. Nordecke Board:
    1. Hell Is Real at Home planning underway
    2. Charity Auction planning
    3. Pride/Juneteenth planning
    4. Update on 5/19 Nordecke Town Hall
    5. Nordecke Membership sales update
  5. Open discussion of gameday experience
  6. Closing thoughts

As always, the Nordecke Board wishes to thank Dr. Pete for taking time to meet with us and we look forward to our next meeting.

Nordecke memberships for the 2022 season are still available for purchase here, with proceeds supporting the independent activities of the Nordecke including Block Party, NorOnTour, Tifo, Community Assist, and more!

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