Nordecke Town Hall – Notes – 5/19/22

Selected meeting notes from the Nordecke Town Hall on 5/19/2022:

  1. Introduction to the Nordecke Organization & Board
  2. Quick Rundown on Upcoming things
    1. TIFO
    2. Memberships
    3. Block Party
    4. Charitable Drives
  3. Questions & Feedback from the Audience:
    1. A request was made for more advance notice of each week’s March to the Match, preferably more than 72 hours
      1. Board Response: We are working with the Crew FO to collaborate on a March for each remaining home game, and at this point a march is going to happen 60-90 minutes ahead of each match. Will also improve timing of announcements.
    2. A comment was made regarding the diversity of the Nordecke leadership and efforts to improve the representation of women and minorities on the Board and Leadership in general
      1. Board response: We welcome the input and voices of the entire Nordecke and Crew community and encourage anyone who may be interested to stand for election to a Board position or apply for a senior leadership role
      2. This prompted a discussion of succession planning as 5 of 8 Board members are term limited and unable to run for re-election in 2023. The Board, again, encourages any and all who may be interested to volunteer their time for any role where there is a need.
      3. The conversation went on, touching on diversity in the Nordecke as a whole and how to better engage with more diverse communities across Columbus
    3. A question was posed regarding the status of Randy Sims’ last request
      1. Board Response: The logistics are challenging but progress is being made
    4. A comment was made about availability of trash cans and portapotties in the parking lot for Crew2 matches, and whether it’s possible to partner with the Columbus Zoo to have a capybara at matches
      1. Board Response: We’ll touch base with the Crew FO regarding facilities in the parking lot, and there are things being worked on by the Crew FO regarding capybaras.
    5. A question was asked regarding the possibility of partnering with Whistle & Keg on some donations to Nordecke causes
      1. Board Response: We’re already working on that for future events.
    6. A comment was made regarding the functionality of the Nordecke website
      1. Board Response: We are well aware of the shortcomings of our current website and are working diligently to make improvements so that the website has increased value to all users

As always, the Nordecke Board wishes to thank everyone for their participation and is already working on the next town hall, to be hosted virtually.

Nordecke memberships for the 2022 season are still available for purchase here, with proceeds supporting the independent activities of the Nordecke including Block Party, NorOnTour, Tifo, Community Assist, and more!

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