Nordecke Board & Crew Front Office – Operations Meeting Notes 5/12/22

Selected Meeting Notes from 5/12/22 Nordecke & Crew Front Office Operations Meeting:

  • Introductions
  • Upcoming Events:
    • 5/14 Watch Party at the Pub
      • Increased programming on the plaza
    • 5/19 Project Jukebox event
      • Special guests in attendance, including Crew2 captain Marco Micaletto
    • 5/21 Crew & Crew2 Doubleheader vs LAFC & Toronto2
      • Fans will remain in the stadium
      • Nordecke & Project Jukebox will fill the gap between games with ongoing atmosphere.
  • General Discussion:
    • NorOnTour
      • How to better support/facilitate inquiries from traveling Crew fans
    • Soccer For All Week
      • Will be celebrated by Columbus on 6/18
    • Playground at Historic Crew Stadium is currently closed due to safety concerns
      • Goal is to have playground inspected and open to the public at Crew2 matches by end of June
  • Closing thoughts

As always, the members of the Nordecke Board want to thank our partners in the Crew Organization for their collaboration and dialogue.

Nordecke memberships for the 2022 season are still available for purchase here, with proceeds supporting the independent activities of the Nordecke including Block Party, NorOnTour, Tifo, Community Assist, and more!

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