VOYCEnow & The Nordecke: Black Lives Matter

The Nordecke is excited to announce that we have expanded our Black Lives Matter fundraiser initiative to partner with VOYCEnow, led by former Crew SC goalie Zack Steffen. The Nordecke reached out to Zack and VoyceNOW early on in planning, they were immediately excited to partner with us on this fundraiser. Together we are working to raise money for the NAACP and the VOYCEnow charitable fund in tandem.

VOYCEnow is a global community of professional athletes and fans fighting for equality and justice. Their aim is to bring together fans, athletes, and key partners from around the globe to collectively push for change in our society and address the issues facing us today. Their current fundraising effort is to support young black lives from disadvantaged backgrounds by providing them with equal access to resources and opportunities. VOYCEnow is committed to supporting these children to ensure they stay healthy, stay in school, and stay on track to achieve their goals in life. Half the proceeds from our fundraiser will go to benefit this endeavor as we work to address the issues of systemic racism around the globe.

Today, as we are joined by athletes and fans from Columbus and around the world, the Nordecke is honored to have been able to be a part of this campaign and to help support these organizations as they seek real change.

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You can donate to this directly here or learn more about VOYCEnow here.

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