The 2020 Suspension & Coronavirus

As many are already aware MLS today announced that they were suspending the 2020 Season until further notice (a minimum of 30 days) due to ongoing and increasing coronavirus concerns. Consequently, both Saturday’s match and the upcoming NorOnTour Trip have been postponed until further notice. We understand there are a lot of questions about what this means and how this will likely play out over the coming weeks or when play resumes.

At this time, we are working with the Crew directly to try to determine how this will be handled for individual and season ticket holders. We are also working with the Crew and Nashville on what this will mean for those who had planned to participate in the 3/21 NorOnTour Nashville Trip.

Obviously, this is an unprecedented situation, but our goal remains the same; to advocate for all supporters and fans in any resolution while also ensuring that everyone is able to remain safe. The Crew ticketing and experience teams have both been highly responsive and are working with our committee members to get this resolved. As soon as we have any information or official confirmation on any approach, we will immediately pass it over to our members.

In an effort to keep people informed and try to help as best we can the Nordecke has compiled a list of resources below for anyone who may need them.

In the coming days, we are also going to be announcing our own assistance efforts as we seek to do whatever we can to assist the Crew community and Columbus during this difficult time.

Ohio Unemployment:

Small Business:

Food pantry:

Keep in mind with food pantries, the national guard will be at a select number of them starting Monday

CDC Updates & Recommendations:

Ohio Department of Health Updates & Recommendations

Family disaster (fatality):

Franklin County Office on Aging:

A comprehensive resource center for seniors

Explore Columbus How to Volunteer & Assist:

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