Board of Directors

Operations Co-Directors John Lavelle and Andy Hubbard

Together we have worked as capos in the stands to help the Nordecke be one unified voice for the team. In recent years we’ve worked closer with the front office to make fan experience even better through the addition of capo stands and coordinating with the team to get the entire stadium to do Wise Men at the end of matches. We hang the banners for the corner as well as help in the creation of many of the pieces that we have today. We have also partnered with other supporters and businesses around the city for charity drives and community outreach.

We want to help make the Nordecke a deafening wall for opposing players when they enter our stadium. We also want to drive home the point that soccer is for all and when you walk through our gates you are welcome with open arms. We look forward to working closely with both fans and the FO to make Match days the best fan experience possible.

Creative Director Ethan McKinley

Ethan is one of the founding members of GCGBAG and has been coming to Crew games since 1996. He likes to make tifo and has been for more then 10 years. He’s helped on multiple #Tifosweat events and was the driving force behind the “You Fight For Us, We Fight For You” tifo in 2018. He mostly has done 2 sticks and rail banners and did about 1,000 STC banners which were sent around the world.

Community Director Jo Rodgers

My husband and I have been Crew supporters since 2006. Although we only missed games if we were out of town, we had never been very active in the Crew community until we were all forced to Save the Crew. By way of a suggestion on working with businesses when the STC web site was launched, I found myself at the first STC leadership meeting and remained highly involved in those efforts for the duration. Through STC, I have made so many friends, and I now am completely on board the ‘Crew Fans are Family’ bandwagon. This is the most amazing group of people, and I consider myself very fortunate to be involved with the Crew and the Nordecke. First with helping the leadership of STC in outreach and then in 2019 with the Nordecke, I have been working to coordinate charitable outreach. When STC created the Community Outreach program to allow tickets to be donated to deserving groups, I knew that the charitable aspect of STC needed to live on. We were able to expand the ticket donation program to other efforts like donation drives, volunteering at Van Buren Shelter, and raising money for worthwhile causes like the Dayton Disaster Relief program. The generosity of our Crew community has been phenomenal, and I am interested in the Director position so that we can continue to build on what began with STC and continued this year in the Nordecke. It is my hope that in this role we can reach further into the Crew community who might not now be aware of the opportunities that are out there for helping in the community.

Communication Director Jeffrey Barger

From my first Crew game in 1999 to today the Columbus Crew has always been a part of my life. As I moved around the US, first for school then for work, the Crew were not only a constant in my life but something that allowed me to connect with my home and make new friends around the country. When my wife and I were able to move back to Ohio and Columbus a few years ago we were excited to be able to support the Crew properly. What we found was not just a team and section of the stadium but a community that actively contributes to both the Crew and Columbus as a whole. After volunteering with Save the Crew I was excited to continue my involvement in the supporter’s community. I have spent the past year volunteering on the Nordecke’s Communications Committee and serving on the Nordecke Leadership Committee. During this time, I have scheduled and managed the regular game, event, and outreach social media for the Nordecke. I have overseen the development and redesign of the new Nordecke website(launching in January) and assisted in the promotion of our charitable outreach/giving efforts this year. Lastly, I have worked on building out our communications strategy and helping to build Front Office support for Nordecke’s short and long-term goals. The Nordecke contributes an incredible amount to the Crew community, the city of Columbus, and the soccer community in general. From ensuring that everyone has a great experience at the games to raising money for those in need, the Nordecke is the central hub for Crew supporters and fans. After serving on the Nordecke Leadership Committee and Nordecke Communications Committee I am excited by the opportunity to step up to serve as the Nordecke Communications Director. In my time volunteering with the Nordecke I have managed scheduled postings for our social media accounts, began running marketing analytics so we can improve the reach of our communications efforts, and overseen the redevelopment of the Nordecke website. In addition, I have worked with other Nordecke leaders to build out our community partnerships and outreach efforts helping to support both the Supporters Group, fan experiences, and Nordecke’s charitable giving. After a career in marketing and communications, I am excited to put my expertise to work for the Nordecke on a broader level. My goal is to help the Nordecke build out its communications and marketing so that it is able to pursue its goals for even greater supporter group success, fan engagement, and charitable-giving. From social media engagement and promoting supporter groups to increasing Nordecke membership and improving coordination with the Front Office on charitable efforts. I firmly believe that the Nordecke can continue to grow as the heart of the Crew community; further aiding supporters groups, reaching new fans, contributing to Columbus, and supporting all Crew fans. I look forward to the chance to continue aiding the Nordecke and the Crew community further in 2020.

Membership Director Sage Scharre

I have had a love for the Crew since day one. My father took me to the first game, at the Horseshoe to see young Brian McBride and the Black and Gold take the pitch. Since then, I have gone to games every year. When I was young, I saw the Crew as simply a sports team I cheer for on the weekends. As I have gotten older, my perceptive has changed. Columbus Crew is a professional soccer club to most, but to an increasingly growing percentage of supporters, the Crew symbolizes family. My fondness for the club has allowed me to build friendships and relationships above any I would have imagined. To me, Saving the Crew has allowed myself, and other supporters to really take action and play a part in the future of the club. It is my goal to show others what the Crew is really about, and invite everyone to join our ever increasingly growing Crew family. I believe the membership director position fits my qualities well. For the last two years, I have been an increasingly active member in the Crew/ Nordecke community. During the STC times, I created a weekly newsletter, in attempts to spread factual updates on the weekly events (court case, club level, etc). I reached out to business partners, to spread support and brand awareness. I interacted with current fans, to tell them about upcoming events, so that we as a group can show support and prevent our previous owner from taking our club. I am forever grateful of being able to play a small part in the collective group that helped Save The Crew. Currently, I am apart of Nordecke leadership. It is my duty to foster business outreach, and also help with our communication team in terms of fan outreach, social media, and parts of community outreach. All of the duties I have held directly correspond with the duties listed in this position. For the next year, it is my goal to really revamp our outreach campaign. We need to go full throttle as we lead up to the building of our new stadium. I also would like to have more fan engagement events. We have met with FO leadership several times in order to foster this bond. I’m excited for an amazing Crew season! Glory to Columbus

Travel Director Jon Crye

Current member of social media and marketing team, AIC (Adult in Charge) of The Hive Supporters Group. I want to try and streamline the process of away travel and assist Nordecke members in easily obtaining tickets and transportation to be a part of NorOnTour. Additionally I look forward to working with the Nordecke board and front office to continue to build a top notch team.

Merchandise Director Rob Gardner

I have been a season ticket holder for a few years now, I have helped run a Tifosweat for College Game Day, and I help setup most GCGBAG tailgates.  I am usually around the tailgate in a gold blazer or black and gold fedora. on October 12, 2018 I apparently became Orb Gardney and Crew Twitter decided the nickname would stick.  I would like to be considered for the role of Merchandise Director,  since I would like to be able to get cool supporter gear to our members and help find cool new merchandise for the upcoming season.