Crewsmas Tickets

The Nordecke is officially sold out for Crewsmas!!!  However, if you want to be in a section that is Nordecke adjacent and allows you to stand, sing, and wave flags like you are in the Nordecke, Section 202 is the place to be.  Tickets in 202 can be purchased through this LINK.  Don’t forget to invite your friends to stand with you.

Tickets will be $25 after fees in section 202.  Members and Guests will be able to stand, sing, waive flags just like the Nordecke.  Please note a ticket in 202 does not get you into the Nordecke.  Nor does a Nordecke ticket get you into 202.

Individual Tickets in the Nordecke with the exception of Crewsmas (sold out) are available through the Web Store HERE