2018 Supporters Summit

We, the leadership of the supporters groups in the Nordecke, have heard the requests from our members and other Crew supporters to ask for a different venue for the 2018 Supporters Summit to accommodate a larger gathering.  We were informed by the front office we could change venue, but that the speakers, Andy Loughnane and Greg Berhalter, would not be made available if the venue changed. Furthermore, for past summits, the supporters group section of the meeting was allowed to be streamed live, but the Q&A was not allowed to be streamed. We asked if we could stream the full event this year due to the demand. This request was also declined by the front office.

The Supporters Summit is an event that has been held for the last 10 preseasons; the last 7 at the Upper 90 Club.  The event has always been coordinated between the supporters groups and the front office, with the intent to open communication between us to come together as one for the upcoming season. It has always been offered to season ticket members for RSVP and then open to all supporters to attend according to the venue’s capacity.  Due to this being the first time leadership in the FO have addressed supporters since the announcement PSV was looking into relocation, capacity has been reached.

As always, the format for the event is a 30 minute update by the supporters groups about their plans for the coming season, followed by a 30 minute Q&A with Andy Loughnane and Gregg Berhalter.

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