ECF 11/29 2nd Leg NorOnTour

NorOnTour 11/29


Beyond the home playoff game there is also the 2nd Leg in Toronto 11/29.  If you have never been on a NorOnTour, what better time then now?  The amazing friends and stories you will have by going to away games is indescribable.  You do not have to be a member of an SG or sit in the Nordecke to go on an away trip.  NorOnTour has a bus trip planned, with an Up and Back bus/ticket, and individual tickets for those who want to travel on their own.  TFC is bringing a full contingent of away support to Mapfre 11/21.  We have 250 tickets set aside for us in Toronto, we need to fill those spots.  You can go HERE to book your spot on the bus/ticket or just get a ticket and make your own way up to Toronto.

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