NorOnTour Toronto 11/29 2nd Leg ECF

Well, we have done it. The NorOnTour Bus to Toronto for the 29th has sold out! However, we know that many of you are still wanting to go! So we have an answer! First! Stand Alone Tickets are still available HERE!!!! These will be on sale until the morning of November 22nd or they sell out. But more importantly, we …

ECF 11/29 2nd Leg NorOnTour

NorOnTour 11/29   Beyond the home playoff game there is also the 2nd Leg in Toronto 11/29.  If you have never been on a NorOnTour, what better time then now?  The amazing friends and stories you will have by going to away games is indescribable.  You do not have to be a member of an SG or sit in the …

11/21 Conference Final Leg 1 Ticket Link

The Nordecke is sold out for the Conference Final Leg 1 match against TFC, but that doesn’t mean you should not get tickets.  Lets turn the rest of the stadium into Nordecke and #SaveTheCrew.  Go HERE to purchase tickets in the NorthWest Corner or South End of the stadium.  The Promotional Code is SUPPORTERS1121

Conference Finals Leg 1 11/21

The Nordecke is very near selling out. will not have tickets for the game. We are working on an alternative ticket link like last game in other sections of the stadium. In the mean time if you want to snag the last few Nordecke tickets go here.